List of American GM VIN codes

Position Sample Description
1 1 World Manufacturer Identifier
2 G
3 6
4 D Platform/Series
5 M
6 5 Body style
7 7 Restraint type
8 N Engine type
9 0 Check digit
10 3 Model year
11 0 Factory ID
12 1 Sequential number
13 2
14 3
15 7
16 6
17 2


Marque Country
1G1 Chevrolet United States
2G1 Canada
3G1 Mexico
KL1 South Korea
1G2 Pontiac United States
2G2 Canada
3G2 Mexico
5Y2 United States
6G2 Australia
KL2 South Korea
1G3 Oldsmobile United States
2G3 Canada
1G4 Buick United States
2G4 Canada
3G4 Mexico
1G6 Cadillac United States
1G8 Saturn United States
9BG Chevrolet Brazil
8AG Chevrolet Argentina
8GG Chevrolet Chile

American restraint types

VIN Code Description
1 Active belts
2 1 plus driver and passenger front airbags
3 Driver side airbag - front
4 2 plus driver and passenger side airbags
5 2 plus driver side airbags
6 4 plus passenger sensor
7 4 plus rear side airbags
8 Unknown
9 Seatbelts only - before introduction of standard airbags

Platform codes

A F, G, J, K, L, M, N, V, W, Z Saturn ION Level 1 Manual
C U Buick Park Avenue Ultra
W Buick Park Avenue
D, T Cadillac DeVille
B Cadillac Fleetwood
G Cadillac Sixty Special
D W Cadillac Brougham
D G, M, R, U Cadillac CTS
E L Cadillac Eldorado
F P Chevrolet Camaro
S Pontiac Firebird
V Pontiac Firebird Formula/ Trans Am
G R, S Oldsmobile Aurora
H P Buick Le Sabre Custom
R Buick Le Sabre Limited
X Pontiac Bonneville SE
Y Pontiac Bonneville SLE
Z Pontiac Bonneville SSEi
J B Pontiac Sunfire
C, F Chevrolet Cavalier
H Chevrolet Cavalier Z24
J T, U Saturn L200
W Saturn L300
K D, E, F Cadillac Deville
S Cadillac Seville/ SLS
Y Cadillac Seville/ STS
D Chevrolet Corsica Base
T Chevrolet Corsica LT
Z Chevrolet Corsica LTZ
? Chevrolet Beretta
N D Chevrolet Malibu
E Chevrolet Malibu LS/
Pontiac Grand Am SE
F Pontiac Grand Am SE1/
Oldsmobile Alero GLS
G Pontiac Grand Am SE2
K Oldsmobile Alero Level I
L Oldsmobile Alero Level II
V Pontiac Grand Am GT1
W Pontiac Grand Am GT
S L Pontiac Vibe
M Pontiac Vibe AWD
N Pontiac Vibe GT
V R Cadillac Allanté/ Cadillac Catera
S Cadillac Allanté coupe
X Pontiac GTO coupe
W B Buick Regal LS
F Chevrolet Impala/
Buick Regal GS
H Chevrolet Impala LS
J Pontiac Grand Prix SE
K Pontiac Grand Prix SE1
L Chevrolet Lumina
P Pontiac Grand Prix GT
R Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
S Buick Century Custom
W Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS
X Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
Y Buick Century Limited
Y V Cadillac XLR
Y Chevrolet Corvette

American engine codes

Passanger cars:

VIN RPO Size Type Fuel
1 L67 3.8 L V6 SFI
2 LY8 1.3 L I4 MFI
4 LN2 2.2 L I4 SFI
6 L42 2.2 L I4 MFI
8 LV6 1.8 L I4 MFI
9 L37 4.6 L V8 SFI
A LGO 2.3 L I4 MFI
C L47 4.0 L V8 SFI
D LD2 2.3 L I4 MFI
E LA1 3.4 L V6 SFI
E L03 5.0 L V8 TBI
F L61 2.2 L I4 MFI
F LB9 5.0 L V8 TPI
G LS1 5.7 L V8 MFI
H LX5 5.0 L V8 SFI
H LG4 5.0 L V8 4BBL
J LG8 3.1 L V6 SFI
K L36 3.8 L V6 SFI
L LNK 1.8 L I4 SFI
M L95 1.4 L I4 MFI
M LY9 2.6 L V6 MFI
N LA3 3.2 L V6 MFI
R L81 3.0 L V6 MFI
S LS6 5.7 L V8 SFI
S LB8 2.8 L V6 MPFi
T LD9 2.4 L I4 SFI
U LS2 6.0 L V8 MFI
Y LD8 4.6 L V8 SFI

Light trucks:

VIN Size Type Fuel
1 6.6 L V8 D
2 6.6 L V8 D
4 2.5 L I4  
M 5.0 L V8  
P 5.3 L V8  
R 5.7 L V8  
S 4.2 L V6  
T 5.3 L V8  
U 6.0 L V8  
V 4.8 L V8  
W 4.3 L V6  
X 4.3 L V6  

Model year

VIN Description
A 1980
B 1981
C 1982
D 1983
E 1984
F 1985
G 1986
H 1987
J 1988
K 1989
L 1990
M 1991
N 1992
P 1993
R 1994
S 1995
T 1996
V 1997
W 1998
X 1999
Y 2000
1 2001
2 2002
3 2003
4 2004
5 2005
6 2006
7 2007
8 2008
9 2009


North American GM factories

VIN Plant Location
1 Oshawa Car Assembly Oshawa, Ontario
1 Wentzville Assembly Wentzville, Missouri
2 Moraine Assembly Moraine, Ohio
2 Saint Therese Assembly Saint Therese, Quebec
3 Detroit Truck Assembly Detroit, Michigan
3 St. Eustache St. Eustache, Quebec
4 Orion Assembly Orion, Michigan
4 Scarborough Scarborough, Ontario
5 London London, Ontario
5 Bowling Green Assembly Plant Bowling Green, Kentucky
6 Ingersoll Assembly Ingersoll, Ontario
6 Oklahoma City Assembly Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
7 Lordstown Assembly Lordstown, Ohio
8 Shreveport Operations Shreveport, Louisiana
9 Detroit Cadillac Detroit, Michigan
9 Tillonsburg Assembly Tillsonburg, Ontario
A Lakewood Assembly Lakewood, GA
B Baltimore Assembly Baltimore, Maryland
B Lansing Craft Centre Lansing, Michigan
C Lansing C Lansing, Michigan
D Doraville Assembly Doraville, Georgia
E Linden Assembly Linden, New Jersey
F Fairfax II Fairfax, Kansas
G Framingham Assembly Framingham, Massachusetts
H Buick City Flint, Michigan
J Janesville Assembly Janesville, Wisconsin
K Leeds Assembly Leeds, Missouri
L Van Nuys Assembly Van Nuys, California
M Lansing Car Chassis Assembly Lansing, Michigan
N Norwood Assembly Norwood, Ohio
O Lansing O Lansing, Michigan
P Pontiac Assembly Pontiac, Michigan
Q Detroit Assembly Detroit, Michigan
R Arlington Assembly Arlington, Texas
S St. Louis Truck Assembly St. Louis, Missouri
S Ramos Arizpe Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, Mexico
T Tarrytown Truck Assembly Tarrytown, New York
U Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly Hamtramck, Michigan
W Willow Run Assembly Willow Run, Michigan
X Fairfax Assembly Fairfax, Kansas
Y Wilmington Assembly Wilmington, Delaware
Z Fort Wayne Assembly Fort Wayne, Indiana
Z Fremont Assembly Fremont, California
Z Spring Hill Manufacturing Spring Hill, Tennessee
0/E/V Pontiac Assembly Center Pontiac, Michigan

Body style codes

VIN Description
1 Two-Door Coupe
2 Two-Door
3 Two-Door Convertible
5 Four-Door Sedan
6 Four-Door Sedan Hatchback
8 Four-Door Station Wagon/Two-Door Hatchback
9 Four-Door Station Wagon